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Rules - Grades 7 & 8

Unless modified by the following, high school rules shall apply.


  1. Home team will be responsible for supplying a carded umpire.
  2. No new inning can start after 1 hour 45 minutes of playing time. Umpire discretion on when to call a game because of darkness on a field without lights. Playoffs have no time limit and are just limited by available light.
  3. Games will be seven (7) innings in length.
  4. Ten defensive players are permitted on the field at once. The tenth player is an outfielder and must be positioned as such not less than 10 feet behind second base at the start of each pitch.
  5. Eight (8) player minimum to play a game. There will be no penalty for the 9th or 10th positions in the batting order being vacant. If your team falls below 8 players due to injury or any other reason, then the game is over due to forfeit. The score of a forfeit will be recorded as 7-0.
  6. Forfeits will be enforced for teams unable to field a team at game time. Games will be forfeited after 20 minutes if a team does not have a coach or minimum amount (8) of players.
  7. If a team is lacking the proper number of players, it is allowed to "borrow" a player who is not on the roster. If the player being borrowed is the proper age, the borrowed player must play outfield and bat last. If the player is being borrowed up from a younger age group, there are no restrictions. NOTE: During the playoffs, only players on a team's official roster may be used; no borrowing players from other teams or divisions for playoff games.
  8. Games suspended due to rain or darkness will be resumed from the point where play was halted except if four (4) complete innings have been played and a team is winning. (Note: if home team is winning after 3.5 innings, then game would be complete). (Also note: if a game is called because of darkness or weather in the fifth inning or later, the score will revert to what it was at the end of the last complete inning)
  9. Mercy rule is 12 runs after five innings, or 10 runs after six innings. Home team must complete their half inning, unless ahead.
  10. All bats and helmets will be evaluated by the umpire and must be ASA certified.


  1. Pitching will be from 43 feet
  2. A pitcher can pitch a maximum of four (4) innings. One inning constitutes a pitch. A change of pitchers in the middle of an inning will have the inning count for both pitchers.
  3. A pitcher who re-enters as pitcher during the same inning shall be charged with one additional inning for each reentry.
  4. Extra innings count as a new game.
  5. Only 6 warm-up pitches per inning allowed after the first inning.
  6. Managers or Coaches will be permitted two (2) trips to the mound in any inning. The pitcher must be replaced on the second trip. Trips made to the mound due to injury are excluded.
  7. There is no limit on HBP, other than what the umpire deems a safety issue.


  1. Cinderella batting will be in effect.
  2. Three (3) outs or a maximum of five (5) runs in an inning. This rule does not apply in the final inning, which allows unlimited batters. The final inning is either the seventh inning, or an earlier inning if mutually agreed by the umpire and head coaches.
  3. Infield Fly rule does apply.
  4. Dropped third strike rule does not apply. A dropped third strike is a strikeout.
  5. No Feinting, i.e. once a player turns to bunt, she can not pull the bat back and take a full swing. Feinting will result in an automatic out.
  6. If a player arrives late to a game, she will be inserted into the last spot in the batting order. If a player needs to leave a game early, her turn will be skipped in the batting order with no penalty.

Base Running:

  1. Unlimited "steals" allowed. EXCEPTION: A maximum of two successful "steals" of home allowed per inning. "Steals" include wild pitches, passed balls, and advancing on pick-off attempts (but not overthrows to the pitcher, see #3 below).
  2. Speed up Rule is in effect for catchers and pitchers, no matter how many outs, but is not mandatory. The runner used must be the last recorded out. The catcher is the catcher of record, not the prospective catcher.
  3. A ball that is not hit by the batter is not in play when the catcher throws it back to the pitcher, even if overthrown.

Playoff Standings:

  1. Standings will be kept on the website for informational purposes. However, playoff match-ups will be determined entirely randomly, regardless of regular season won/lost record and will be announced when the schedule comes out.

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